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Website Content Checklist

Website content is often the bottleneck in web development agency projects. During VIP intensives, if no website-ready content is available, it can lead to significant time wastage, making it impossible for me to accomplish everything in the timeframe.

This general checklist provides most of what you may need for a brochure website. The content requirements are much more extensive for dynamic sites such as membership, LMS, or e-commerce.

General Website Content

  • Logo – A .svg or .png with a transparent background.
  • Favicon – size of 512px x 512px or larger
  • Social media profile links
  • Header Inclusions – Such as logo, list of menu items and their order
    • For this website ( I have simple desktop header with 1 row (I previously had 2) with a logo and primary menu
      My mobile header logo and trigger. The menu has a ‘book a call’ button, menu & social media links.
  • Footer Inclusions such as menus, logo, opt-in etc
    • For this website ( I have 3 rows in my footer
      Top Row – 2 sections – Social media icons, second with a button to log in that links to my client portal.
      Middle row – 3 sections – my secondary logo and 2 menus
      Bottom Row – 2 sections – copyright and footer menu of legal pages
  • Opt-in text
  • Sidebar widget options: A sidebar can be added to the site. These are some of the options you may like:
    • Opt-in
    • Recent posts
    • Contact block
    • Categories
    • Author

Home Page

  • Hero Image
  • Hero text
  • Sections with heading, text and CTAs
  • A minimum of 500 words of text + headings
  • Images


  • Header/Hero Image
  • Main headline
  • Tagline
  • Call to action
  • Text, including any Headings
  • Images

Supporting Content

  • Images are crucial content for your website. For the minimum sizes required and file types, refer to my blog on website images.
  • Testimonials including images
  • FAQs


  • At least 1 blog post and featured image


  • Phone number (s)
  • Email address (es)
  • Email to send the form to
  • Contact form fields, including the required field and submit actions
    Such as sending an email with the subject ‘XYZ’ and the email address where it should be sent.
  • Supporting text and Images
  • If you would like a Google Maps embed, please mention this so this can be added to the design and the API setup


I am a web developer, not a lawyer, so I cannot provide legal advice. I have some general information on the Topic: Do I need legal pages on a website.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Anything that you need for your business to keep it legal.
  • Copyright wording

Email Marketing

  • Heading and text for subscribe box or popup
  • Button text
  • API + form fields or form embed code

Approval for a new account can take 24-48 hours, so if you need this added to your website, ensure you have ample time to set it up.

Tracking & Scripts

  • Analytics – I can install Google Analytics for you, but I will need the header code to install or access the code myself.
  • Live chat script – If you wish to use a chatbot, I can install the script for you


Any SEO copy that you would like added to each page, such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Schema, etc

As you can see from the length of this post, there can be a considerable amount of content you need to have prepared before your VIP Intensive.

My checklist lists the basics, but visit Solid WP if you need something much more thorough.

My Website Content Guidelines

I aim to have every page on my website indexed on Google so that it will become the first impression someone will see of my business. These are the guidelines I follow:

Mobile First: Google indexes mobile first; most visitors are generally mobile these days.

Skimmable Text: Headings and snappy sentences will satisfy scrollers using their mobile phones. It’s easier to read text in small, easy-to-read chunks than big slabs of text with long sentences and large paragraphs.

Make it logical and avoid fluff: People come to your website to find information, so make it easy for them to do so.

Hero Headline: A catchy headline in the hero should describe the page’s topic and entice readers to read further down the page.

Remember the Visuals: Images can make or break your website. Yes, they cost money, but without quality images, you could potentially lose money in lost sales.

At least 1 Call to Action on each page. There should not be learn more or read more buttons. If you have a button that leads somewhere, make it enticing to click.

I have always hired copywriters to write my website. Although I have changed the words over time, they have always started with a professional.

I write my own blog posts, though. They are the thoughts and content I have written to educate. Blogs and website copy have different purposes, are written in different styles, and have different page layouts.

Professional Services

Writing website copy that sells your offer or speaks about your brand in a way that is not “salesy” yet drives the message across can be a struggle.

I am a WordPress web developer, not a copywriter, so whilst I know what you need, I cannot write the words for you within your VIP intensive.

Whilst I am an SEO, I am a technical SEO, which does not involve copywriting. I optimise copy but do not write it from scratch.

SEO Website copywriters are worth their weight in gold, but not every copywriter has SEO skills or excels at website copywriting.

While you may have a brilliant copywriter for your blogs, social media captions or packaging, they may not necessarily be great website copywriters.

Great website copy considers how the words will be used on the site. The content (pictures and words) dictates the design, so I will not design a website with temporary text. You are required to provide all your content before I start work on your project.

Professional copywriting services are not part of my services, but if you need help with your content creation, I can recommend some great copywriters.

Do you need assistance with your website content?

Creating the copy alone can be challenging. Finding the time to combine the words between meetings, client work, and your social calendar can be hard.

If you don’t want to take it all on yourself. I have friends who are awesome copywriters (in various industries), and I am happy to refer you.

Also, if you require any brand assets, such as a Logo, Favicon, or colour palette, please let me know, and I can connect you with some of my branding friends.

Until next time,

Lara Sign

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