Frequently Asked Questions

Have burning questions but are not sure if you want to get in touch just yet?

I created these FAQs to answer some common questions

I get it, a website can be a huge investment for a small business and talking to those “experts” could be daunting so I have put together this FAQ page to help answer some of the questions you may have.

However, I have to say that if you want that human connection, I am super friendly and patient. Always happy to answer any of your questions. One thing that I love to do is make sure my clients are comfortable and educated along the way. This helps them feel confident.

We all have to start somewhere…when I first started I knew zilch. I have been building websites since the ’90s and have learned a lot along the way. I have become pretty good at Digital Strategy, Web Development & SEO.

I run a transparent and professional business and understand confidentially and discretion. Your details are 100% safe with me. I guarantee you total privacy.


WordPress is a Content Management System that makes updating your website simple.   

You can add and edit pages, images and blogs simply by logging in through your web browser. 

With our maintenance plans, I can do those things for you if you prefer.

WordPress is an open-source content management software and currently powers around 30% of all websites on the Internet.

WordPress is contributed to by thousands of developers all over the world and is growing from strength to strength.

WordPress allows us to develop flexible and customisable websites with Google & UX best practices.

The WordPress community of web developers reaches far and wide and allows us to tap into this collective intelligence and bring that wealth of experience to your project

Anything you like! 

If you dream it, I can create it for you and WordPress will help!

Yes, however, the learning curve is quite steep. 

You need to learn about Domains, hosting, SSL, CDN, themes and much more.  It’s a lot and takes years to master.

I set everything up for you with a 1-day website as well as provide you with training so whilst it’s done for you it is a great bridge between a professional website and a DIY site.

With my 1 day websites, I configure an SEO plugin, add Google Analytics and Google Search Console + 1 do-follow link from my website which is all you need for a Googlebot to find your site and index it.

However, if you want your site to rank for certain words, other than your name, you will probably need ongoing SEO services.


Search Engine Optimisation is a very complex topic, if SEO is of interest to you MOZ has a good guide to ‘what is SEO’

I can optimise your website with my 1 day Search Engine Optimisation VIP day. This will set you up so that you can do your own content and marketing and see SEO gains.

SEO studies show it takes a minimum of 3 months of consistent work to see results, 6 months for better results and a year for best results. SEO is not a quick fix but an optimised website will help get you started.

Possibly. The Technical build of a website directly affects rankings.

Yes you can, to learn more about SEO first step would be to start by taking a course – We recommend SEMRush Academy Courses

SEO is a very time-consuming process to learn and also to do the work.

A keyword or keyphrase is what someone uses to search Google. ‘1-day website’ is 1 Keyword ‘a website done in 1 day’ is a different keyword.

A competitive keyword would be something like ‘WordPress Website Developer’ as it is a be a bit of a battle to get the top spots as it is competing against many other websites.

Creating unique and interesting content on a regular basis for your website is critical to increasing your visibility amongst search engines.

Website Development

My Website Creation Process shows you the steps from start to finish. No hidden nasties here!

I am here to make the entire process super easy for you so please reach out if you have queries.

I can design and develop most websites in 1 day so this will be the total cost + any premium plugins you would like added to your website.

1 day is enough for most websites. Add 1 extra day for LearnDash, WishList Member or WooCommerce add-ons to your website.

That’s right, you will be online in just 1 day.

Yes, I am very experienced in WordPress and can build anything you desire!

I don’t but I have a wonderful graphic designer with reasonable pricing that I am happy to refer you to.

No, I don’t but I have a few copywriters that I can refer you to.

Yes. but if you don’t already have one, I can assist you in setting this up.

My Recommendations for Domain, Hosting and other WordPress additions are on my tools and resources page

I can include hosting with a maintenance plan or you can self-host.

Absolutely. I build responsive sites with a mobile-first approach. Your site will look great on all devices, optimised for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

No Sorry, I am not a copywriter but I can optimise your copy for search engines.

Yes of course. I have a number of website care plans with various levels of support.

Yes. I provide a 1-1 Zoom training session at the end of the day once your site is complete. You will also receive your Website, Owners Manual.

I can provide you with assistance with setup and strategy during our day. I work with a marketing agency that I can refer you to and they can provide you with ongoing social media and email marketing services.

I can install Google Analytics which will be viewable from your website dashboard or phone app if you wish.

Google Analytics will provide you with a wide range of statistics about your website including the number of visitors and where they come from:

  • Direct
  • Referrals (advertisements)
  • Organic (SEO)
  • Social media

Let’s get your website sorted!

Let me build you a new website or fix those niggly issues that you can never seem to fix.