Client Projects

Do you want to take a peek at some of my client projects? Here are a few sites I have designed and developed over the past year or so.

This isn’t my entire portfolio; it is just a few that show I have skills.

I have no limitations in my work, so every site is totally different and unique to the individual brand and client desires.

Much of my work involves technical SEO, rebuilds, migrations, troubleshooting, and messy site clean-up. This type of work does not have a design aspect, so none of those projects are shown here.

Please note that the live sites may differ from screenshots as I offer training to all my clients.

Skyline Hatch

The Skyline Hatch website had technical and UX issues, so we discussed fixing or rebuilding the site. Rebuild won :)

As always, I started with various audits and devised a plan.

I worked with 3 members of the Skyline Hatch Team and gave them training so they could collaborate with me on the site’s content.

The site was rebuilt with a technical tidy-up and redesigned with a new structure and colour palette.

The site is built with Kadence Pro, Memberium, Active Campaign, and Learndash. It previously had Elementor and Buddyboss, which have both been removed.

I love the challenge of a complex rebuild, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Working with a dynamic site always has some tricky bits, but I worked through everything, which turned out fab.

The old site was 40/100 on Google Lighthouse for performance. This new build is in the 90s :)

Multiple VIP Intensives collaborated with the Skyline Team. The new site was completed in April 2023 and built with Kadence Pro, Gutenberg, Active Campaign, Memberium and Learndash. Vimeo and YouTube-hosted videos

Sydney Early Education Centre

This was an extensive rebuild with a new design, many site changes, and some additions, such as video heroes.

As always, I started with various audits and created a rebuild and migration plan.

It was a fun project, as I was working with Jaye @ Stitch Strategy.

I love a good collaboration, and I love the way this site turned out.

This website was rebuilt with Kadence Pro, Gutenberg, and FluentForms Pro. It has a self-hosted video and was completed in April 2024.

Career Development College

I first worked with CDCL in 2021, cleaning up and troubleshooting their problematic website, which was built with built with Elementor and LearnPress.

In 2022, they returned and asked me to rebuild the site with Learndash. With over 80 courses, this was a doozy of a rebuild and a lot of work.

CDCL returned in 2024 for updates. I integrated Surecart, FluenCRM and Mailerlite + worked on the site’s technical and on-page SEO.

This site is built with Kadence Pro with Gutenberg, Learndash, Presto Player and Surecart. This site was updated in January 2024.


Skyline Foundation

Initially, I worked with Skyline Hatch, doing various web development tasks for their Learndash website.

I love working with NFP clients. It’s nice to know that my work can make a difference to many people.

When the Skyline Foundation CEO got in touch, I was excited to have the chance to work with them.

The site is a complete rebuild and a large undertaking.

The old Skyline Foundation website was built with Elementor and loads of plugins and had a not-so-great UX. It was confusing and slow.

The old build was PHP 7.4, with a database size of over 3GB. The new site is PHP 8.1, with a database size of under 1GB.

As a technical SEO and developer, these numbers make me happy.

I also gave the site a UX with a new design that is modern and streamlined.

I love how the Skyline Foundation website turned out, and I am happy that I could make a difference in the world, too :)

Multiple VIP Intensives collaborated with the Skyline Team. The new site is built with Kadence Pro, Gutenberg, and Surecart. It was completed in August 2023.

I also provided lots of 1:1 Training so the team could work on the site easily.


Koonara Wines

When Koonara Wines came to me to look at their existing website, I adored chatting with Tash and Nicole. They are such lovely ladies.

However, I didn’t adore their existing website as the backend was a bit of a hot mess.

Past designers had added multiple page builders; it was tricky to work with; it was like it had gremlins in it, LOL

A 5 Day rebuild was the best solution, and that’s precisely what we did.

Now, Koonara has a website that is easy for their customers to navigate and a site to be proud of.

Lucky me, I also got to try their wine, and it’s very delicious.

5 Day rebuild with Kadence Pro, Gutenberg and Commerce7 integration. This site was completed in August 2023

I also sorted out the SEO and gave Tash and Nicole 1:1 coaching on SEO best practices so they could work on their SEO.


Hello HSC

I absolutely love this website that I built for the Clever Cookie Academy.

I was lucky enough to get awesome branding and website copy.

A professional branding suite, icons, and content greatly enhance my ability to achieve outstanding results.

Peita and Rob Mages are awesome humans who are doing awesome work. With my help, they now have a very cool website to help them educate more students in NSW.

Website in 2.5 days. The new site is built with Kadence Pro with Gutenberg, Learndash, Presto Player and Surecart. This site was completed in August 2023.


Sweet Factory

I first worked with Sweet Factory in 2020 when designed and developed their WooCommerce website

More details coming soon

WordPress Multisite with 3 subsites. Kadence Pro and Gutenberg with WooCommerce, FluentCRM, FluentForms Pro, and WPsocial Ninja. Multi-store Local, Organic and International SEO from 2020 – Jan 2023

Denis Cale Photography

Denis Cale provides photography training privately with 1:1 and small group sessions at my studio, online, or breathtaking on-location workshops across the NSW South Coast and beyond

I have worked with Denis since 2022, when I first rebuilt and redesigned his WooCommerce Website.

My latest update was in March 2024, when I updated the Design and Content.

Over the years I have re-written and optimised a lot of the content, I also provided lots of 1:1 training including local SEO.

Built with Kadence with Gutenberg and Woocommerce.

Charlotte Skyla

I have built 2 websites for Charlotte Skyla. This website was finished in July 2023.

Charlotte gave me free rein on colours, fonts and design. I love how it turned out.

2-day Website rebuild using Kadence Pro and Gutenberg

Full Tribe Fitness

I love Full Tribe Fitness’s mission. They help busy parents build healthy, happy, and purposeful lives for their families without sacrificing time.

I worked with Jordan on the colour palette and logo, and my friend Em created the branding. It’s a very fresh website!

It’s professional yet has flair, and I can say I’ve ticked it off!

1-day website Built with Kadence Pro and Gutenberg built in July 2021

DFGM Website Design


I worked with DFGM for a couple of years,

I created their original website in 2021 and gave it a zhoosh up in April 2023 with new branding.

Built with Kadence Theme and Gutenberg

My Majo Website Design

My Majo

My Majo’s range of natural self-care products has been designed to help you take care of your body and mind naturally without having to spend a lot of time or money.

This was a great website to build because the feeling that the client wanted to evoke was easy to portray visually.

Built with Kadence Theme and Gutenberg

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