1-1 WordPress Training

WordPress Driving You Crazy?

Are you trying to build your own self-hosted WordPress.org website?

I commend you as it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Maybe you started with enthusiasm but now you are left feeling defeated.

WordPress is not as easy as you may have thought, taking you far longer than you assumed it would take to get your head around it.

With my 1-1 WordPress Training I can help you with all your WordPress woes.

With my guidance and years of WordPress experience on your side, we will work together and have your own site up and running before you know it!

WordPress is a fantastic CMS, however, it has a steep learning curve and like any new system, it can be very overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be.

With me in your corner as your WordPress Trainer, you can build your site or navigate your existing site and all the bits and bobs in between in no time!

Who’s this For?

Whether you are creating a new website or just trying to navigate your existing site, you don’t need to be a technical whiz in order to understand how it works or how to implement changes or add new features to your website.

  • Perfect for people with little experience
  • Perfect if you need help with certain areas of their website such as SEO or DNS.
  • Perfect for designers who want to learn website development and integrations

My 1-1 WordPress training service is for those who are willing to learn.

Learning anything takes time, but with the right commitment and willingness to be open to learning, you’ll be able to see results quickly.

Having someone like myself in your corner can help you over the small and larger hurdles that come with WordPress when you are so green.

My WordPress training is bespoke to you and your needs so if you’re having issues with:

  • Website Design and UX
  • WordPress Development
  • Technical or on-page SEO
  • Hosting, DNS and CDN
  • Add new features and integrations
  • Connecting your email marketing
  • Working with WooCommerce
  • Setting up your LearnDash Course

I have many years of web development experience, tonnes of years building sites with WordPress as well as experience as a trainer.

Why Me?

I could go on about the WordPress experience I have under my digital marketing belt all day long but really, I love a good challenge.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or your WordPress site appears to be broken, I love getting in there and helping you find a way out.

You know the saying, give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime?

That is what I’m passionate about. Being able to use my knowledge and expertise to teach people how to harness WordPress like a pro!

I love teaching. I always have. Over the years I have worked for training companies teaching a wide array of subjects not to mention I have always mentored and trained my staff.

How does it work?

  • Fill out the form below and let me know what I can assist you with.
  • I will reply within 48hrs and let you know if your requirements are in my knowledge base.
  • If I can help I will send you an invoice with a link to book a date and time that suits you.

Yes, it’s that simple to book in and work with me with 1-1 WordPress training.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Training?

1:1 Personalised WordPress Training

Having this 1-1 experience means that my undivided attention and my full focus is on you and your business needs.

Your woes will be heard loud and clear and I can help you more directly so that you know how to combat these effortlessly!

Imagine having a WordPress whiz at your disposal for even just an hour- how many answers could you get for your burning questions?

Having someone like me on your side can really help elevate your WordPress game because when it comes to the platform, there isn’t much I haven’t done over the years.

Broadening your knowledge

You’re a doer. That is who you are at your core and to your knowledge is power…or should we say applied knowledge is power.

You want to know how to do something to tackle this in your own time and feel more equipped to take on other challenges in the future.

Imagine learning WordPress.

The CMS is used by over a third of sites as their platform. With your new knowledge, you can create a new page, update existing pages, and integrate new apps into your website without having a total freak out!

Taking control of your business

Even if you were to outsource your website maintenance or development of a new site, I always believe it is best if you know at least the groundwork and the basics of WordPress so that you can understand what your developer is doing with your site.

What if your developer is sick one day or you decide to go at it on your own?

The moment something doesn’t work you will feel like you are losing that control that you have over your business. If you know the moving parts it’s easier on both you and the agency or freelancer you have outsourced to.

Expanding your impact

Perhaps you’re not a total newbie, you’re a website designer and you have a killer eye for design however when it comes to the tech side you’d rather watch grass grow and paint dry…you get the drift.

What would it mean if you could expand your packages to include hosting setup, DNS support, website maintenance, and SEO?

You could be the one-stop shop and get in that recurring income rather than losing a client as soon as you’ve created your masterpiece.

Tangible Results

The thing about what you’re learning is that straight after one of our WordPress coaching calls you can implement your newfound knowledge!

You’ll walk away with actionable tips and the ability to start really owning your WordPress site and understanding the system as a whole!

Book 1-1 WordPress Training

1-1 Training

WordPress Foundations Training

It’s all about you and your business. Let me be your WordPress and business detective.

What I am good at is asking the right questions and getting to the bottom of the problems you’re having.

I don’t act like I know all the answers! I do have good experience and tools that you can only get by being in a small business for over 20 years.

The way I work is like this, we sit and talk, we pour our souls out, and I listen very carefully.  (sometimes we laugh and cry together… )

Then we get busy working on solutions and action steps.

Who is this for?

  • Perfect for people with no business experience;
  • Perfect for people who need help with their website or social media;
  • Perfect for new business owners who don’t know where to start
  • Perfect for people who have a side hustle and are ready to quit their job and go full-time.
  • My zones of genius:
    • Digital Marketing,
    • DIY Websites
    • Shopify SEO
    • Time Management & Setting Boundaries (people pleasers I’m talking to you)
    • General Small Business Problem Solving
    • Cheap and easy chance to see what it’s really like to work with me

How does it work?

You get a Questionnaire and tell me what you’re having problems with;

Before we meet, we have at least one phone call and I send you a workbook to help you articulate what you need help with.

You choose three things you want to discuss or address and we focus on that.

You don’t need to do this by yourself.

Cost: $450

Time: 3 Hour