Website VIP Intensive

Is your website full of crickets and tumbleweeds?

I can solve your website woes and breathe life into your Website with a VIP Intensive

Rome may have not been built in a day, but your website sure can.

With technology being… well as advanced as it is and my 30+ years of experience, building you a website in just 24 hours is achievable, leaving those Romans and their catchy phrases in their ancient dust!

Web Development Matters

When needing a website built, many people instantly go to look for a website designer.

Website design can only get you so far

It is pretty, it is attractive, and once your potential clients land on your page, they will be able to admire it.

That’s cool and all, however, to actually get them to land on your page in the first place and have a great customer experience you will need a website developer’s know-how, who respects SEO for what it is and knows how to make Google your best friend…that is where I come in.

A Great UX means higher conversions

By having a great UX you will have more chance of converting that lead into a customer.

UX is a crucial element of organic rankings on search engines. When you book a website in 1 day, your website is built search engine optimised using Google Best Practices.

If you have an existing website that needs some attention with a WordPress VIP Intensive I can help you with whatever you wish. Whether it’s fixing something that is broken, editing content, adding new features or speeding up your site for Core Web Vitals.

Say goodbye to people dropping off the home page, and hello to more of the right enquiries!

The Need For Speed!

Slow loading times can get anyone’s panties in a twist.

A fast site is a great site and I can make sure that yours is optimised to challenge your competitors’ site speed.

UX Focused

UX is a fancy term for user experience. It shouldn’t be the blind leading the blind.

An easy-to-use site helps clients navigate your website and want to come back again!

Form & Functionality

Need a complex form? A booking platform? Or time-saving automation.

Let your imagination run wild. There isn’t much I can’t do with WordPress customisation.

Lara Pritchard WordPress Specialist

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I’m Lara Pritchard and I have been developing and designing websites since Sesame Street was cool…

Do you think Instagram is crazy with all of its updates?

You probably haven’t seen how annoying Google is with their ever-changing landscape.

Being able to roll with the times is something that I’ve gotten really really good at.

It’s easy to say that I am an experienced WordPress Web Developer, SEO & DIY Website Coach because it’s true!

What’s my story?

It all started on my 12th birthday. I received an Apple IIC. And that was it, the spark was created and from that moment on I was hooked on computers

My digital career has spanned 30 years in various roles with various companies across the globe including my own digital agencies. 

When it comes to your website issues, I love the challenge of fixing a broken website. Call me crazy, but it’s the truth. I also love site speed (like obsessive love it… lol)

With new builds, I have tried and tested a lot of digital solutions and I probably have an idea for you that is not only effective but efficient too!

With extensive experience with small businesses, I understand how to use digital products to get the results you have been searching hours for and I also know how to get on the right side of our good friend, Google.

Ready to have your website actually work for you rather than become another ongoing cost?

Let’s elevate your brand together! 

My Website VIP Intensives is great for:

Digital and Marketing Agencies who need high-quality websites delivered with the minimum fuss.

If you have a client that can’t afford your usual prices but you want to retain them as a client and their relationship, I’m happy to Whitelabel under your brand.

We will work together on the website, you knowing exactly what the client wants and me executing it.

Start-ups I remember the days when it was hard to hit the ground running when you literally have nothing.

I have created this affordable medium so that you can get online within 24 hours, and be reassured that it’s a robust site with technical know-how.

Google will be your best friend in no time!

Small Business You’ve been in business for a while and your current website needs a dust off… It’s giving the dinosaurs a run for their money.

Instead, you want to jump into the 21st century with a site that is optimised for SEO or are in need of any additional features to streamline your business further such as automation, a store like Woo-Commerce add-on, LMS or a membership area.

Let me help you evolve as you grow!

My Signature Services

WordPress VIP Intensive

With many years of experience as a WordPress Web Developer and Technical SEO, I can assist you in many areas so that search engines love it as much as you do.

You provide a list of what you need and I can sort it out for you.

WordPress VIP Intensive

Website in 1 day

With many years of experience, I am very fast at delivering websites with all the bells and whistles you need and more.

Not only are my 1-day websites technically awesome they are easy to edit and use too.

1-day Websites

1-1 WordPress Training

If you already have a wordpress site but are a bit stumped as to how it works or you want to learn more about your website I can assist.

If you want to edit your existing site or add new features and functionality, I can show you how.

1-1 WordPress Training

just start

1 Day VIP Intensive

$1200 $aud

  • Pre-Day Research and Client Portal Creation
  • A full day with an experienced WordPress developer & SEO working solely with you on your project
  • 1 – 1 Zoom or in-person Training for up to 2 hours during your VIP Intensive
  • Documentation and Client Portal Access for up to 30 days

Why VIP Intensives?

Whilst I am a founding partner of Lx2 Agency, I really enjoy Website VIP Intensive as I can be laser-focused on 1 project and I love to see how much I can achieve in just 1 day.

I know they are of great benefit to you as the customer too for the following reasons:

  • My time is scheduled and blocked out for you and you only. I spend all of my time on your VIP intensive working 100% on your project
  • My focus is unwavering. You will have access to me 100% of our booked out time and I am able to answer any questions as we go so it’s a bit of a teachable moment too
  • Transparency. You know the price upfront and all it encompasses.
  • With time and focus, deep work can happen and that is where the magic lies.

Want to know what I can achieve in one day?

If you love the idea of crossing off a list of website woes in just one day? Great! Let’s see if we would be a great fit for a website VIP day.

Common Questions

No, it’s just me. I project manage all my own projects and I will be looking after your project directly.

If you need assistance with work that is not a 1-day website or a website VIP day, please head over to Digital Agency where my team and I can assist you with all your web design, development and digital marketing needs.

We will discuss dates at your clarity call then once your invoice is paid, I will book your website VIP intensive, and wallah! You will have me and my 30 years of website experience all to yourself.

Have a tight timeframe? If you need work done urgently I may be available, however, there is a surcharge.

This isn’t a marketing gimmick, when I say a can create a website in 1 day, I literally mean by nightfall you’ll have a website that you can call your business home!

For more details please refer to my Website in 1 day Process

If you are in a hurry then please let me know in the contact form. It will allow you to communicate when you would ideally like to start.

The Website in 1-day Process Page lists the steps and during our clarity call, we will discuss things further so you will know exactly what I need from your end.

For a 1 day website, at a minimum, I need your copy, brand assets, images and logins.

However, every project is different and what I need will depend entirely on your individual project.

I am very experienced in the work that I do and the services I offer. I do in-depth research on your business and brand prior to us working together.

I have 30 years of experience to back me up, so that alone helps a great deal with assisting clients.

You can fill out a contact form and we can start there!

No sorry, to confirm your VIP Intensive, full payment is required before I begin.

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a website VIP Intensive with me or a project with Minx, I have a lot of free information on my blog plus my resources page lists recommended hosting, theme and all the things you need to build a tremendous DIY wordpress website for yourself.

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Let’s get your website sorted!

Let me build you a new site or fix those niggly website issues that you can never seem to fix

Did you know?

  • 88% of shoppers are less likely to go back to a website following a bad user experience
  • 57% of users wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website
  • 3% of users will stop engaging with a site if images take too long to load
  • 38% of visitors won’t engage with a website if they find the layout or content unattractive