1 Day Website

Say bye-bye to the “I have no idea what I’m doing” and hello to Lara who will put all of your umming and ahhing to rest.

1 website, in 1 day…it’s as easy as that!

Let’s be honest, you have probably started to tackle your website build more times than you’d like to admit.

Something or someone somewhere gives you a spark of inspiration and suddenly you have a pep in your step as you sit down at your computer with enthusiasm ready to create your website FINALLY!

And then…nothing.

That inspiration has now gone and you are flooded with the realisation that this one task stumps you, yet again. That same task has been falling lower and lower down your to-do list.

Get your Business seen in just 24 hours

What if I told you we could cross that task off in just one day?

You could leave with a fully optimised website that is up and running and pulling in leads! 

Stop the scrolling, quit the frantic Google searching because your solution is right here.

That overwhelm you were once feeling, is a thing of the past!

Give this task to me, and you can go back to the work that lights you up! Love the sound of that?

My Website in 1 Day will solve your website works and deliver you a website in 8 hours; one that is easy to use, easy to learn, and working for you and your business in no time at all!

Need something more complex? What about a new website with 2 full days of my undivided attention?

Still, need more? I have a new 5-day service launching July 2023 which is perfect for rebuilding a messy old outdated complex site into one of modernity, speed and awesomeness.

5 days is 40 hours, imagine how much fun we could have with that much time!

What’s all the hype?

It’s as simple as this.

One day you don’t have a website but with my signature service, you have a professional, optimised, wordpress website in just a day! 

If you’ve been putting off creating your website because your business is on social media, we would advise that this would be the best package for you!

Social media is great for business, no doubt about it…however, if Zuckerburg believes that your account needs to be demolished, he can zap it out of existence just like that.

With a website, this is your own internet real estate- you own it, and it’s going nowhere!

After just 1 day you could have:

  • Leads flooding through your site
  • People signing up for your mailing list
  • Your dreamiest of clients contacting you through your form
  • Security, knowing that your business is not going anywhere
  • Total ownership of your assets
  • The ability to scale and automate
  • A hub to lead your potential clients to so that you can free up your admin time
  • A website is like a team member, when working correctly (I make sure that mine do) you can cut down on admin, sales, and marketing- it will work for you and your business goals!

This website can be the absolute powerhouse of your business! 

You don’t need the glitz and the glam, as a start-up or small business you’re looking for results and just having an online presence.

So cut out the agencies and designers who try to wiggle more bells and whistles in the quote. If you simply want a website in 1 day, I can give you one and one that Google will call out, “Heyyyyy best friend!”


You couldn’t think of anything worse than spending more time on your website or not knowing what to do.

You are time-poor and your to-do list is only getting longer.


On the chosen day, I will give you and your website my undivided attention.

I can build you a new website, edit, enhance, optimise or rebuild your existing website and provide you with 1:1 training too.


We meet online via Zoom but you are also welcome to come to my office and we can work together in person.

Whatever suits you and your learning type!

It couldn’t be easier…

You send through the ingredients

Like baking a cake, you give me all of the ingredients: branding, logo, images, written copy, and any other content that you want for your website.

Then I’ll do some website baking, and before you know it you’ll have a website for your business!

One Step Pricing

This is the easiest payment you’ll ever make.

You pay upfront and won’t need to worry about confusing proposals, quotes, additional invoices or payment structures.

You can feel assured that this set payment will deliver everything you need for a well-performing website!

Book that baby in!

Choose a day that suits you, and that you know you will have all of the assets ready to send over to me.

You’ll need to be virtually “available” that day in order to provide feedback as I work through your website!

A Website with A Bow On It

Before you know it, you’ll receive everything you need to go forth and prosper in the online world!

With many years of experience, I am very fast at delivering quality websites with all the bells and whistles you need and more.

No long waiting time

No need to wait 6-12 weeks for a website that will elevate your brand and online presence to the next degree!

It’s as easy as booking it in, and sitting back as I create your dream website in a heartbeat. 

1 day Website Process

So, What does a 1 day WordPress VIP Day Look like?

I take great pride in my 1 day websites and the work I produce for my clients.  Your 1-day website will be working for you rather than against you. It will gain you visibility in your market, authority in your brand and the traffic you are looking for.

All websites I develop are unique WordPress sites encompassing UX design and SEO best practices.

If that sounds like a lot of techy jargon, don’t worry, I am here to guide you through everything. 

I aim to make it simple for you and stress-free. Website creation can be frazzling but with the right guidance, it can easy as 1,2 and 3.

This website creation guide shows you the basic steps of a regular 1-day website build.

If your project is a marketplace, WooCommerce store, LMS or membership site, the process is similar but will have many additional steps plus. It will not be possible to be built in 1 day and will require 2 days minimum.

Get Started

Tell me about your loves, needs and wants

Let’s chat and dive deeper into your desired digital outcome

After you completed your application you will receive an email with a link to book a call

During your clarity call, we can book the date or you can get in touch when you are ready.

Please note that I need a minimum of 1 week to prepare for your day.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your date and Full Payment is required 24hrs prior to your confirmed date.

Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not available.

Once you have paid your invoice your date is 100% confirmed and I will start my preparation work.

Ensure that you give yourself time to do the prep work before your VIP day.

I plan out your website build in a client portal with a task list that we will work through on the day. You will need to upload your branding assets and content.

If anything is unclear, simply message me in the client portal or write me an email and I will be happy to go over it all with you.

I am dedicated to your project from 10 am – 6 pm

You’ll need to be virtually “available” in order to provide feedback as I work through the tasks list.

On the morning of your confirmed day, meet me in person or on Zoom to get things started.

At the end of the day, we have another Zoom meeting where we go through everything that has been achieved and I provide you with 1 on 1 training on how to use and manage your website.

Pre Day Requirements

This information is imperative for me to create a website in 1 day.

If you will be creating your website content yourself please take a look at my website content checklist →

Once your date is confirmed I will set up a client folder for you to upload your content, images and other brand assets.

I will also create a project plan on my project management software so you can see the tasks that I will be working through to create your new website.

If you don’t already have a domain, I recommend Namecheap Domain Registrar as they offer low prices and include free whois privacy (not available with .com.au)

I provide hosting with my maintenance plans but if you wish to self-host, that’s fine too.

I offer configuration & migration to our Hosting Partners.

For other hosting services, please provide me with an admin user.

What happens on the day?

I require all branding, content and images before your VIP Day.

We will start your VIP day with a Zoom meeting where we will go over everything and discuss what I will be doing during the day.

I need you to be contactable during the day so that if I have any questions they can be answered promptly.

I use your images, content, questionnaire and your discovery call to create your home page.

Once you give me the OK I will build out the other pages of your website.

After your design concept is approved, I build out the rest of the site pages.

Once I have completed all the pages you will need to review the site and let me know of any changes you would like.

If you have a care plan or have purchased hosting with one of my recommended hosts, I will configure your DNS, SSL and CDN.

For all sites, I will install and configure caching + an SEO plugin, Google Analytics and Google Search Console

I also do a lot of testing to be sure Google will love your new website as much as you do.

I will give you some training at the end of the day so you can update and edit your website.

I will provide you with your website owner’s manual so you have your login and build information.

I am obsessed with UX and site speed so not only will your site be gorgeous it will be fast and fabulous too.

Yes, I get a lot done in 1 day but I have done a few 1-day websites and know what I can achieve.

I love to promote my client’s new websites but if you do not wish to be promoted that’s absolutely fine too. I don’t add my name to your site nor add your site to my portfolio unless you wish me to.

I will provide you with your website owner’s manual so you have your login and build information.

I love to promote my client’s new websites but if you do not wish to be promoted that’s absolutely fine too. I don’t add my name to your site nor add your site to my portfolio unless you wish me to.