WordPress VIP Intensive

Let me sort out your website woes with a WordPress VIP Intensive

Your website should be the impressive digital home of your business and brand.

As with any property, your website needs love and to be cared for and maintained so it will be working for you 24/7 and looking its best. If you don’t maintain a home it will age and ruin, your website is the same!

If you don’t know if you fall into this bracket, let me ask you this…are you proud to lead people to your website? or are you more likely to give them your Instagram handle?

Whether you know how to fix it or not, I can help you turn your website woes around so that your WordPress website beams with praise!

Like all technology, WordPress advances quickly and what was cool last year is ho-hum this year. As an active member of the wordpress community, I am always toying with the coolest new things in the wordpress space.

With my WordPress VIP Day, I am focused on your business and my main aim is to fix all those little niggly things that annoy you to no end or I can help you update your site with the latest cool plugins and automation.

I bet that your website has been on your to-do list for longer than you would like to admit, allow me to sort out your WordPress site so that satisfyingly cross it off that list!

Why me?

With many years of experience as a WordPress Web Developer and Technical SEO, I can assist you in many areas so that search engines love it as much as you do.

What can I do for you?

  • Take your WordPress from woe to wonderful
  • Fix the issues you have with your current WordPress website including UX and site speed
  • Work on your technical SEO
  • Add Pages to your existing WordPress Website
  • Add Forms, Integrations or Automations to your existing website
  • Add a WooCommerce Store so you can sell products online
  • Automate your processes between your WordPress site and your other systems
  • Give your website a UX and SEO Audit and implement the changes as you wish
  • Anything you wish me to do that is within my skillset

My WordPress VIP day is an excellent value for money as I work fast, have many years of knowledge and can teach you as much as you want.

A WordPress VIP day is perfect if you need an experienced website developer, designer & SEO dedicated to you and your project.

Whilst I work very quickly, fixing large sites may require more than 1 day.

For website rebuilds, I offer a 1-week website that is a full 40hrs of me dedicated to you and your project.


You couldn’t think of anything worse than spending more time on your website or not knowing what to do.

You are time-poor and your to-do list is only getting longer.


On the chosen day, I will give you and your website my undivided attention.

I can edit, enhance, optimise or rebuild your existing website and provide you with 1:1 training too.


We meet online via Zoom but you are also welcome to come to my office and we can work together in person.

Whatever suits you and your learning type!

The Process

I aim to make the process as easy as possible.

I am a technical developer and SEO. I know from experience that planning, research and development are the keys to a great website that users and Google love.

I do a lot of preparation work prior to your day so that your build is technically awesome, has a great UX and is on-brand.

Your website will elevate your brand and put your business in full focus.

Be honest! Let me know your likes, dislikes, needs & wants

  • Clear details and examples with links or screenshots are super helpful.  
  • I want to create your dream website and aim to deliver your website with a quick turnaround and a minimum of fuss.
  • I love happy, returning clients and my reputation is important to me.
  • I guarantee all information you provide is 100% confidential and will not be replicated or shown to anyone.
  • Any questions have or anything that needs to be clarified, please feel free to ask.


You will need to provide all content prior to your scheduled day. I have created a handy website content checklist for you so you can see what you will need ready prior to your day with me.

  • Please provide your entire brand package so I know the colours and fonts to use in your website design.
  • If you do not have branding but have a logo I can help with your colour palette but I will need ideas of the colours you would like to use so please add this information to your questionnaire.
  • I have a list of Recommended Hosting Options on my tools & resources page
  • Whilst I recommend website maintenance and care plan with all websites, you are welcome to maintain the site yourself.  
  • If you do not have a care plan and you need assistance I can provide assistance at an hourly rate of $150aud.
  • If this is a new website built from your existing site I will create a migration plan and create a staging site on your hosting or mine
  • Once your project is complete I will provide you with a website owner’s manual.
  • Complimentary training is included within your VIP day (1hr per day)
  • I do not provide ongoing support unless you are on a care package that includes support.
  • A deposit of 50% secures your date and the remaining 50% needs to be received the day prior to your confirmed date.