Why Use Mailpoet Blog Post

Do you have an old mailing list?


It’s quite well known that Email marketing has excellent ROI. However, if you have a list that you haven’t used for a while, it can be very frustrating to email that without all kinds of brain aches 🙂

I am currently working with a client who has a list of 60,000. Unfortunately, when they were growing their list, they didn’t use 2FA so the mailing list is full of spam and bots.

If I used this junk filled mailing list as it is what would happen?

Most Email marketing services will stop your account sending if you have a number of spam or bounces so they stop your send and suspend your account until you sort it out.

It’s possible that the domain would be affected by a bad spam score.

When an ISP sees that you’re sending to a large number of unknown accounts, they will suspect that you are a spammer. If you email unknown accounts at a rate higher than 5%, it is very likely they will send your emails directly to the spam folder or will block you altogether.

What are the steps to sort out an old mailing list?

Why Use Mailpoet Blog Post

1. Clean out your list
2. Sign up for a Newsletter Service Provider
3. Authenticate your domain
4. Create your first email and use an email checker before you send it
5. Email your clean List

This blog post lists options for cleaning out the list and pricing.


I recommend Mailerlite and find the platform easy to use and their pricing very reasonable. They are around half the price of Mailchimp.

For WordPress sites, you can’t go past the value of FluentCRM

By using FluentCRM and ElasticMail it will cost them around $8 per month whereas Mailerlite is $199 and Mailchimp will be over $500

DKIM and SPF are security protocols that assist with mail deliverability

I further add a DMARC policy to protect their domains from spoofing and phishing email attacks.

I love this free tool – https://www.mail-tester.com/

It gives you a score so you can check you have configured things correctly before you send your first email.

I would suggest sending an email sequence of 2-3 emails, more if you have a lot to say.

This will help with delivery, and open rates and clean your list further with unsubscribers who don’t want to be on your mailing list.

I hope this post has been helpful

Until next time

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